Homebrew: Herbalism & Alchemy (Mechanic)

This is my homebrew herbalism and alchemy system. This document is quite a few pages long, and includes (incomplete) ingredient and effect lists. It also includes a DM’s Tooklit section, aimed at helping DMs to create new alchemical ingredients and effects, and to integrate the system into their games in a balanced way.

Please read the “Design Statement” info panel in this last section to get a grasp on what was running through my head as I developed this system. I quote from that panel:


Magic (and by association, alchemy) is powerful, mysterious, and should be presented as such. I want my players to get excited when they discover something new about it for themselves, and so my world needs a baseline from which that can happen.

In implementing this system in your games, if you choose to do so, please feel free to drag, drop, cut, and paste any of this stuff around as you see fit. Please also let me know your opinions on how it plays, and of course any ingredients and effects you develop!

This is meant to be a companion to an artificing & enchanting system, which is still in the works.


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